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All bows made by Scott Cao violins are made under the supervision of Scott Cao. They are crafted using the very best pernambuco, ebony, ivory and tortoise shell possible. Fractional to full sizes are all available with your choice of gold, silver or nickel-silver fittings. We can also custom make bows or copy those of the great French bow makers.

Violin Bows
Pernambuco Violin Copy of famous makeSTB-850
Pernambuco Violin Copy of famous makeSTB-750
Pernambuco Violin(Silver) Ebony Full lineSTB-401
Pernambuco Violin(Silver) Ebony Full lineSTB-301
Pernambuco Violin(Nickel) Ebony Half lineSTB-201
Brazilwood Violin Full line, Double eyeSTB-101A
Brazilwood Violin Half lineSTB-101
Viola BowsPernambuco Viola(Silver) Ebony Full lineSTB-402
Pernambuco Viola(Nickel) Ebony Full lineSTB-302
Pernambuco Viola(Nickel) Ebony Half lineSTB-202
Brazilwood Viola Half lineSTB-102
Cello BowsPernambuco Cello(Silver) Ebony Full lineSTB-403
Pernambuco Cello(Nickel) Ebony Full lineSTB-303
Pernambuco Cello(Nickel) Ebony Half lineSTB-203
Brazilwood Cello Half lineSTB-103


Scotti casefoam, canvas cover 1/32 - 4/4, viola
Arrow shaped casewood, canvas cover 1/32 - 4/4
Arrow viola shaped case
Oblong foam violin caselight, all sizes
Oblong violin casewood, canvas cover 1/8 - 4/4, viola
Deluxe oblong violin case1/2 suspension, 1/4 - 4/4
Oblong viola casewood, canvas cover 15", 16", 16.5"
K-2 violin casehold 2 4/4 violins
K-4hold 4 4/4 violin
Deluxe cello bag
Scotti cello bag
Cello case4/4